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Went to the Pacers game tonight. They kicked the snot outta the Blazers. It was great. Had some of the best seats I’d ever sat in for a game too. Good times, man. Here’s some pics. 

1. The gang! Lindz Bert, Muhbabay, and me. Bert swaged out some priiiiimo parking still on the meter. That dude cooked. We parked for a buck twenty five a block away from the game. SWAG BERT OUT. 

2. Banker’s Life Fieldhouse, a.k.a. ‘The Fieldhouse Formerly Known As Conseco Fieldhouse’ and some friendly ticket brokers outside. They all tried to get us ‘closer to the floor’ before they knew where we were sitting. I love that. Actually, one of them is a dude I kinda know and he recognized me. 

"HEY, man! How you been, dawg? I see you out here now, on the TV and stuff. You getting it now, huh, baby?"

"I’m getting there. It’s work. You been aight tho, man?"

"Man, I’m cool. You know how a hustler does, man. Y’all tryna get close to the game?"

"We are really close. Great seats, man."

"You don’t hafta lie, bruh…" 

LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That was good tho…I can’t even be mad at dude. Hustle on, playa….we goin inside.

3. Shot from our seats, no zoom or nothing..see? Great seats. We were about 16 rows back at center court. We could see everything without worrying about any sweaty behemoths landing on us and messing up our gear. 

4. My foot, Muhbabay’s foot, and Roy Hibbert’s foot. 

This is always a fun stop at the Pacers games. You don’t really trip off how huge those cats are till you see something like this. 

5. The ‘Kid, Darnell ‘Dr. Dunk’ Hillman, and my mans, Bert.

Saw Pacers legend Darnell Hillman walking about. Had to let him know that as a kid, we all loved ‘Dr. Dunk’ and he was a big reason we watched. I had to get a flick with him. Sidenote: dude has the BIGGEST HANDS IN THE UNIVERSE. He shook my hand and I was it felt like someone wrapped a catcher’s mitt around my hand.

6. REG-GIE! REG-GIE! REG-GIE! Pay homage to ‘Mr. Pacer’.

7. “Izzat…?”

8. BOOMER!!!

9. Saw @WhatTheHelicon Instagramming from the game, knew I’d bump into em. Too cool. Then these cats popped up on the Jumbotron…and a little bit later, so did @DJGabbyLove and @DJIndianaJones! Now what are the odds that two different sets of your friends are gonna be on the Jumbotron at different times? That was great. 

10. Stopped by the Pacers’ Home Court Shop to check out gear. I spied these ‘Linsanity’ shirts in our shop…almost made me wanna puke…but I get it. smh. 

Oh…and we whipped Portland’s ass tonight. Big time. Great night. Ioneemmember the score or nothin, but Lou Amundson (“They’re not saying ‘Boo’, they’re saying ‘Lou’.” - Howard Cosell) was out there having Portland’s FUNERAL, baby. LOOOOOOOOU!!

Go see a game. You’re gonna have all kindsa good times, man. #GOPACERS!


Great story, bro…

The San Diego Padres let every Little League T-ball, softball, and baseball team that plays within 10 miles of their home stadium pick any uniforms from their 20 year history and OUTFITTED THE TEAMS…authentic uniforms for little leaguers. 11,000 of em, man.


At the end of the year, the kids get to keep the gear. Too fresh. Too fresh for words. 

It’s always for the kids, man. 






"YES, GOT DAMMIT, YES! THAT IS RIGHT, I DID IT! I (unintelligible, but I think he shouted out Phife from A Tribe Called Quest. That’s a good look for hip-hop.). ARE YOU KIDDING ME? THAT’S RIGHT………

then he was all like….

*nah nah, lemme chill, lemme chill…I gotta chill, my pressure getting up. Lemme chill…I know you see me out cheah tho….*




That shit beautiful, man. That statement will be become iconic in time. Soon, you will be EXPECTED to say it after a clutch performance at the end of the game (Bron may never say this…he don’t want to. If he was at the lanes, he woulda tried to get somebody to bowl for him or some shit….but he would be real cool about losing. smh.)

WHODOYOUTHINKYOUAREIAM is now part of my life. It was the way he delivered it. WTF just happened? Before I recovered from him flipping out and using the name of The Lord in vain, (in a BOWLING ALLEY, no less. *gasp*) he wound it all up and ended with THIS?


and gave himself a “Self-Fonzie”…? Ayyyyyyyy…AWESOME! 

He didn’t say it as two statements. It was one statement…he didn’t even give you time to note that there wasn’t even a hint of question in the tone of his voice. It’s not a question, fool. It’s a new way of life. Welcome to the New Age of Understanding thru waxing your ass by one pin. Stare these fools straight in their face and just say it…and say it like he did. It’s like he knew it was gonna be a hashtag and people don’t give a damn about punctuation anymore…


I don’t even know if there’s supposed to be a PERIOD at the end of that. Man, that is POWERFUL. I’m still tryna figure who you think you are I am.  It’s like he didn’t even wanna give you a second to think about OR respond to what MIGHT have been a question. And whatever the hell else you tawgmbout #aintshit…

I am. 

Thank you, Pete Weber.

I have a special purpose now. I don’t know who you think you are I am…


Kendrick Perkins was so upset about getting POSTERIZED x INFINITY last night that he deleted his Twitter.
smh. Sad Perk is a reality. 

Kendrick Perkins was so upset about getting POSTERIZED x INFINITY last night that he deleted his Twitter.

smh. Sad Perk is a reality. 

This is what I look like during the Colts’ games this year.
0-5, man.
#BABYPEYTON is looking aight tho. #Swag, Curtis, #SWAG.

This is what I look like during the Colts’ games this year.

0-5, man.


#BABYPEYTON is looking aight tho. #Swag, Curtis, #SWAG.

#NFL #Colts #SundayBlues

My joy on Sundays this year is coming from watching teams that I don’t like fail, just like any other football fan. Cmon, keep it real, you know half the fun of football is seeing teams you DON’T LIKE LOSE. 

I’m hearing it from all angles about my beloved Colts and this nightmare of a season we are gonna endure. I began accepting it as soon as I heard Peyton wasn’t gonna start the season-opener. It’s been so difficult to watch my guys struggle and have my enemies licking their chops to light me up…EVERY SUNDAY. It’s like being a Cubs fan. (YES! My slander goes from football to baseball like THAT! GO CARDS!) I know I’m gonna get LIT UP by my adversaries once the game starts. It’s not a good feeling. I stay believing and rooting for my guys, but there’s a lotta waiting for the proverbial ‘other shoe’ to hit the floor.

Anyway, man…this is dedicated to the Dallas Cowboys, who I have hated since I was able to know what ‘hate’ is. (Not really, I mean…yuh know…in a ‘sports’ sense of the word ‘hate’) I hate em, man. They’ve always been arrogant and that whole ‘America’s Team’ mentality and swagger always bugged me.  I love to see them flounder. I really do. 

So there…

…and the prayer vigil for Curtis Painter continues… GO COLTS!